I'm a freelance photographer specialising in Sport and Commercial photography.
Working as a leading sports photographer I have photographed some of the biggest sporting events both nationally and internationally over the last ten years. My portfolio of clients includes working for British Cycling, British Swimming and Rugby Super League and covering events within the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UCI World Championships, Commonwealth Games and European Games. I’m also currently the club photographer for Colchester United Football Club.
Outside of sport, I provide commercial photography for an array of clients. This includes Oxfam, Water Aid, MAN v FAT, Plunkett Foundation, ILM and various residential/commercial property companies. You can view my dedicated Architecture and Interior website, Photerior here.
My journey as a freelance photographer has been a story of passion, perseverance and determination. I bring a strategic, diligent, creative and innovative approach to every job I deliver and constantly strive to exceed client expectations.
My media expertise extends beyond photography and I currently manage a number of social media channels as well as often holding responsibility for player and athlete liaison during marketing and sales work.
My passion for sport extends into being a co-owner of Stadium Hoppers a unique business which boasts products such as scratch Football, Rugby League and Cricket maps as well as various games. It has an social following of over 25,000 sport fans. This has diversified into providing unique football experiences at clubs like KAA Gent in Belgium and Tromsø IL, the most northernly professional football club in the world in Norway.
I'm based near London, UK and available for commission both nationally and internationally.
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